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A unique opportunity for your law firm to promote its expertise to the audience of millions!

Some of the benefits of becoming a Charter Partner and a member of the IBLS Global Legal Network:

  • Participation in “Ask the Expert” where we refer to your firm potential clients and their inquiry(ies) in the area of law of your specialty and expertise (also, we will gladly provide your ‘intake sheet’ to potential clients).
  • The name of your law firm is displayed in World Wide List directory of legal experts with a direct link to your website and your contact information.
  • Additional promotions, available to your firm, through IBLS publications and services at no charge, such as inclusion in media kits, mentioning in email newsletters, being referenced to in press interviews etc.
In addition, your firm will receive:
  • The Charter Partner Certificate identifying your law firm as a member of the IBLS Global Legal Network (sent within the first six months of Charter Partner participation)
  • First year free membership for the IBLS Global Internet Law Council.
  • Free invitation to IBLS hosted summits and conferences
  • Opportunities to publish with IBLS online publishing (News portal, Law journal, digital library, e-books…)
  • The IBLS Charter Partner logo to place on your firm’s website, identifying the firm’s expertise for your clients and website visitors.
  • Opportunity to internally send and receive referrals as a professional courtesy extended to fellow Charter Partners and to request assistance from fellow Charter Partners for research or other projects.
To take advantage of this great strategy to promote your law firm and your legal expertise join the IBLS Charter Partner program


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