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IBLS has carefully chosen to partner with companies that have products and services that may enhance E-Commerce businesses. It has negotiated exclusive special offers which are available once logged into the IBLS database.

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Sprint is a global communications company serving more than 26 million business and residential customers in more than 70 countries. With approximately 75,000 employees worldwide and more than $26 billion in annual revenues, Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying state-of-the-art network technologies, including the United States' first nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network and Sprint's award-winning Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint provides local voice and data services in 18 states and operates the largest 100-percent digital, nationwide PCS wireless network in the United States.

As an IBLS subscriber, you may be eligible to qualify for special savings on the solutions Sprint can offer. Solutions like audio conferencing and videoconferencing products, IP services and products to manage your phone bills. To learn more about these products and how they can work for your business, visit .

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Bowne Global Solutions (BGS)

Bowne Global Solutions is the world’s leading provider of translation services. With more than 15,000 linguistic resources covering more than 60 languages in over 20 countries, BGS is ideally positioned to help the global legal community address the complexity and escalating volume of multilingual content. From contracts and due diligence reviews to regulatory filings and in-country proceedings, the BGS team is ready to support you and your clients.

IBLS members receive BGS's “Preferred Customer” discount on all projects submitted via our Elcano™ translation portal. Please log into the IBLS database to take advantage of this offer.

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Liveproof Meeting Center is a service that enables the easy sharing of information and expertise on the Web and allows business professionals to communicate more effectively and economically through interactive online meetings. Liveproof Meeting Center can be rapidly implemented without or very little IT involvement and with no start-up costs. Use Liveproof Meeting Center to increase productivity while lowering cost typically associated with business meetings. Visit Liveproof

IBLS subscribers receive a 20% discount off the listed price when ordering through the IBLS database link.

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OnlineSecurity is a leader in the protection of information, intellectual property and products for law firms worldwide and other professional organizations. As pioneers in the field of online security and Internet investigations, members of the OnlineSecurity team have assisted in the recovery of millions of dollars in assets and the successful prosecution of online frauds and crime.

OnlineSecurity has merged traditional investigative and litigation support with high-technology capabilities to create the technological expertise essential for stemming digital losses and identifying cyber culprits. OnlineSecurity has worked on a range of digital crimes from cyber-squatting and cyber extortion to internal employees theft and fraud.

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Solution Synergy

Solution Synergy has developed innovative products that will enhance any business' e-mail security and privacy. Ideal for law offices, and other businesses that rely on protecting their data. Solution Synergy is also able to provide users with a fast, secure and automated password recall solution. NXS Recall reduces the cost to an organization by securely and simply maintaining passwords. As a part of a total security package, NXS Recall uses the sophisticated security of NXS Centre to enhance the security and recall of passwords throughout an organization.

IBLS subscribers receive a 20% discount off the Solution Synergy listed prices when ordering through the IBLS database link.

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Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED)

Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED) offers a comprehensive suite of electronic discovery and corporate risk reduction services. In litigation, it provides major case data processing and review, computer forensics, expert testimony and third-party mediation. For corporations, EED has solutions which include: developing and implementing risk-reduction solutions to mitigate the undue risk associated with electronic data systems, data sets and/or information technology practices; Developing or updating record retention / record management programs to include electronic data; Developing and implementing electronic data litigation response programs in conjunction with both in-house and outside counsel; and more.

IBLS subscribers receive 1 hour of EED services free when ordering 4 or more hours. Please see the EED link available within the IBLS database.