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With its active role in policy and business, the U.S. has much information available for those seeking to understand Internet Law from an American perspective. In addition, content from Canada is also found in the portal. You will find sample summaries on U.S. and Canadian Internet Law from the IBLS database. These summaries serve as a useful introduction into the scope of available information via subscription to the database.

Information available in the US Law Portal:

  • The Latest News - To get the latest international E-Commerce law news sourced directly from governments' offices and international organizations
  • Internet Law and Regulations – Business and legal categories with indexed content and sample summaries (Additional summaries available through paid subscription to the portal)
  • Law Resource Guide – Regulations, laws, and access to U.S. government material
  • Charter Partners – Links to the experts who write the Internet Law summaries for the portal

Please visit IBLS U.S. Law Portal at: IBLS US Law