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A one stop solution to the intricacies of the EU Internet Law landscape, the IBLS EU Law Portal offers a variety of content to assist you in any aspect of learning about Internet Law in the EU and its member states. In addition, selected content from non-EU countries in Europe is also contained in the portal. Sample summaries from the IBLS database serve as a useful introduction into the breadth of material written by IBLS Charter Partners in Europe, available by subscription as well.

Information available in the EU Law Portal:

  • The Latest News - To get the latest international E-Commerce law news sourced directly from governments' offices and international organizations
  • Internet Law and Regulations – Business and legal categories with indexed content and sample summaries (Additional summaries available through paid subscription to the portal)
  • Law Resource Guide – Regulations, laws, and access to EU and other European government material
  • Charter Partners – Links to the experts who write the Internet Law summaries for the portal

Please visit IBLS EU Law Portal at: IBLS EU Law