OXFORD/IBLS: Global E-Business Law and Taxation

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IBLS and its global legal network of experts bring you a representative masterpiece  of    global e-commerce and tax legislation!
IBLS presents to you the first book in Internet law series, created in partnership with Oxford University Press: "Global E-Business Law and Taxation" 
Among the numerous topics related to e-commerce, taxation is the one that still has not established homogeneity among different countries'''''''' legislation and still represents a critical issue to be addressed from both a business and legal perspective. This book intends to provide an overview of the e-commerce and e-commerce taxation laws and principles applied by diverse countries.

In addition to the fundamental e-commerce taxation principles applied in developed and developing countries around the world, this book offers examples of the latest approaches to taxation of digital products and voice-over Internet protocol services (VoIP). These two topics are the most sophisticated and highly controversial in the e-commerce/tax environment. Regarding e-commerce taxation in developed countries, readers may expect to see two major approaches: the European Union (EU) approach and the United States (U.S.) approach. Both the European Union and United States have incorporated some of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggested principles on e-commerce taxation. Likewise, some of the newer EU member states apply a mixture of OECD principles and domestic tax interpretations to e-transactions. In the developing countries, taxation of e-commerce transactions is usually accomplished through traditional taxation principles that have found new interpretations in the digital environment. Intriguingly, some of these interpretations differ from the OECD''''''''s suggested principles. Finally, this book will discuss some of the EU E-Commerce Tax Directives to be implemented in the member states, and their corollary, the approach of individual U.S. states to taxing e-commerce transactions.

The e-commerce tax topics covered in this book were researched and prepared by expert attorneys from countries such as Canada, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others.

Ana Penn
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