INTERNET LAW - ABN AMRO first major Dutch bank to enable clients to make payments, save and invest in a single Mobile Banking app

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ABN AMRO clients can place investment orders and view the status of their investment orders via the bank’s Mobile Banking app

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AMSTERDAM - EuropaWire- Rico Fasel, Director of Investment Advice and Execution Only Investment: “Clients could already view their view investment portfolios via the app. Now they can also place, track and cancel orders for equities, bonds, funds and options. Many investors will no longer have to rely on Internet Banking or the Order Line for their investment activity. This new service meets the needs of many clients to be able to invest via the app, whenever and wherever they want.”

Freeze and replace debit card

Another new feature allows clients to freeze their debit card and request a replacement card via the app. In the past, this was only possible by telephone or via Internet Banking. ABN AMRO clients whose debit card has been lost or stolen can now get a replacement card faster and easier.

Direct personal contact

It is now also easier for clients to contact ABN AMRO via the app. After selecting a subject and phoning via the app, the client will see an indication of the waiting time and can choose whether to wait, call back later or send an email straight away, a useful option for clients phoning from outside the Netherlands. Moreover, ABN AMRO can help clients who phone via the app faster, as they have already been identified based on their app log-in details.


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Source: EuropaWire


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