INTERNET LAW - Towards A Cyber War On Terror?

Jennifer Morin, IBLS
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The argument of the seriousness of a cyber war on terror is still raging. However, the threats remain real and will likely continue. There are many new considerations which must be realized for the future to stop the impending war on cyber terrorism.

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The war on cyber terror is one that the world has never encountered before. Old technology and old defenses are obsolete. The technology industry is rapidly changing and changing with it are the methods used by cyber terrorists. Prevention techniques must be dynamic and change as quickly as the technology does. The old computer security models, data processing, and auditing in use today are outdated.

Cyber Terrorism is more difficult than other forms of terrorism. In the case of cyber terrorism, if the terrorist fails, he does not die. He can learn from his mistakes and ensure the success of his deeds in the future.

One of the unexpected problems that cyber terrorism has created is that the fear of an attack could possibly lead Americans to give up rights they would not normally relinquish. For example, the fact that many of the terrorists use cryptography in their communications is not a reason to ban this technology per se.

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Jennifer Morin, IBLS

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