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A recent British court case has highlighted the importance of the U.K. Protection from Harassment Act of 1997, in a situation involving two bloggers. Felicity Jane Lowde, a woman in her forties from Oxford with a grown son, decided to launch a war of words against Rachel North who ran a blog, recounting her experiences as a terrorism survivor. North was able to vanquish her tormentor after a 9 month series of attacks against her character.

This article answers the following questions: What Happened Between Felicity Jane Lowde and Rachel North? What is Cyberstalking Under U.K. law? What is the Penalty for Cyberstalking Harassment? What About the Civil Penalties for Cyberstalking Harassment? Lowde Seemed Mentally Deranged, Would the Act Still Apply?

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One of Europe’s most notorious cyberstalkers, Ms. Felicity Jane Lowde, was tracked down and nabbed at a cybercafe' in London's Brick Lane after two months on the lam, having been convicted of cyberstalking, in absentia. Her victim was Rachel North, a survivor of the London terrorist bombings of July 7. North had a blog that detailed her experiences that Lowde discovered. Lowde tried to discredit North, and after 9 months of harassment, was finally stopped.

The law that applies to Cyberstalking in the U.K. is the 1997 Harassment Act.

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Kelly O'Connell, IBLS Editorial Department

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