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Community Framework for Electronic Signatures
From the European Union Portal
Digital Signature Law in France
Taken from Tilburg University Website
Korea: Act on Issuance and Negotiation of Electronic Bills of Exchanges and Promissory Notes
Taken from The Global Legal Information Network
Electronic Signatures
Japan: Law Concerning Electronic Signatures and Authentication Services
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High Court Holds that the Automatic Insertion of an e-mail Address does not Constitute a Signature
IBLS Contributor: Alice Sculthorpe, Bird & Bird London,
On 7 April 2006, the English High Court ruled that the appearance of the sender’s e-mail address at the top of an e-mail was ...
Electronic signatures: legally recognised but cross-border take-up too slow, says Commission
European Commission
Judgments can be Signed Electronically in Arizona
Martha L. Arias, Immigration and Internet Law Attorney, Miami; IBLS Director
Technology is gearing court proceedings in the United States; attorneys may now electronically submit motions and briefs and review files; electronic evidence is gaining ...
Electronic Signature Under the Law of Slovenia
IBLS Editorial Staff
Under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, electronic signature has been implemented by the Act n. 57/2000 on Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature. ...
Lithuania's Electronic Signatures and Certification Authorities.
Martha L. Arias, Immigration and Internet Law Attorney, Miami; IBLS Director
Lithuania, with a population of about 3,369,600 inhabitants and a per-capita GDP of $14,273, this relatively young democracy is an activate player of e-commerce. ...
Electronic Signatures in U.K.
Martha L. Arias, Immigration and Internet Law Attorney, Miami; IBLS Director
Electronic signatures are definitely an essential component of e-commerce contracts. Even though most countries have adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on E-commerce which ...
Malta's Electronic Commerce Act
Martha L. Arias, IBLS Director
Malta, a European financial center located in the Southern areas of the Mediterranean Sea, has developed comprehensive e-commerce legislation and is an active e-commerce ...
Scope of the U.S. Uniform Electronic Transaction Act
IBLS Editorial Department
The U.S. Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) was drafted by the Uniform Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law to validate commercial electronic transactions, ...
The EU Law on Electronic Signatures and its Recent Report
Martha L. Arias, IBLS Director
Directive 1999/93/EC constitutes the legal framework for electronic signatures and certain certification services in the European Union (EU). Up to 2007, 25 EU ...
U.S. Court Decides Emails Equal a Signature for Contracts
IBLS Editor- Kelly O´connell
New York appellate court has ruled that e-mails were signed writings that modify contracts, in a April 1, 2008 ruling. The case was ...
How to Obtain a License for the Operation of a Digital Signature Certification Authority in Germany
Martha L. Arias, Immigration & Internet Law attorney; IBLS Editor
Digital signature is a mathematical scheme used to demonstrate the authenticity of an electronic message or document. The term digital signature is more specific ...
New European Union Requirements for the Cross-Border Processing of Documents Signed Electronically
Martha L. Arias, Immigration & Internet Law Attorney; IBLS Editor
On February 25, 2011, the European Union Commission issued Decision 2011/130/EU establishing the minimum requirements for the cross-border processing of documents singed electronically by ...
From the Digital Library
Costa Rica's E-Signature Law
IBLS Editorial Board - Staff Attorney
Costa Rica’s Law of Digital Signatures, Certificates, and Electronic Documents authorizes the state and public entities to utilize digital certificates, electronic documents and digital ...