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E-payments without frontiers
Paper by the European Central Bank
Consumer Guide to E-payments
US Federal Trade Commission
Africa wants to expand e-payments, e-commerce
Editor, Maricelle Ruiz, IBLS Director -- Africa
Most African countries are unable to conduct business online because they do not have in place a reliable electronic payment system. United Nations officials ...
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Program on Data Protection
Martha L. Arias, LL.B., J.D., LL.M.
The BBB launched a data protection initiative for small businesses that will address computer vulnerability issues faced by US small companies. The initiative ...
Oman is scheduled to introduce a comprehensive cyber law by year’s end
Editor, Maricelle Ruiz, IBLS Director -- Middle East
Oman has reorganized its government to become a full-fledged digital economy. Sultan Kaboos bin Said has issued a royal decree establishing the Information Technology ...
Third Party Payment Services are Safer according to Microsoft Company
Martha L. Arias, IBLS Director.
Microsoft Company advices that for e-payments consumers should use websites that have third party payment services because this guarantees safer transactions. ...
Electronic Tax Filing in Canada
IBLS Editorial Staff
The Internet has not only changed the way of doing the business but also the way of filing tax returns. E-filing or Electronic tax ...
Consumers' Rights under the U.S. Electronic Fund Transfers Act
Martha L. Arias, Immigration and Internet Law Attorney, Miami; IBLS Director
Even though it is difficult to believe it nowadays, especially under the current mortgage crisis, U.S. consumers have rights under the Electronic Fund Transfers ...
Europe Adopts Legislation to Expedite E-payments
Editor, Maricelle Ruiz, IBLS Director – Europe
The European Union is in the process of integrating national payment systems to create a Single Euro Payments Area or SEPA. The initiative intends ...