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IBLS staff ( Europe)
Leading Russian online bank Tinkof Credit Sistems sent Agarkov an offer for a new credit card. As credit card conditions were somewhat un-attractive to ...
Financial Industry Trends
Dr. Valencia Johnson
Loyalty will have to become the target of some marketing efforts. By 2015, we will see two prominent forces of competition among traditional banks, ...
Direct transfer as an online payment method
IBLS Staff/Europe
Trustly, an online payment method that uses direct transfer vs. credit cards, is gaining popularity in European countries. Apparently, Trustly has resolved the issues ...
Electronic Banking: What are the Consumers’ Rights?
Martha L. Arias, IBLS Director.
The United States (U.S.) Federal Trade Commission has published an Electronic Banking (also known as Electronic Funds Transfers- EFT) Brochure to educate consumers on ...
E-Banking Booklet: E-banking Risks
UN World Summit on Information Society and May 17th -The World’s Information Society Day
Martha L. Arias, LL.B., J.D., LL.M.
According to the UN official report of this event, the “Summit’s aim was to build an open, inclusive, people-centered, knowledge-based information society that will ...
Consumer Liability for Unauthorized e-Fund Transfers
Martha L. Arias, Immigration and Internet Law Attorney, Miami; IBLS Director
The Electronic Fund Transfer Act ("EFTA") is the framework for the electronic fund transfer system in the United States ("US"). EFTA establishes the ...
Online Payment Scams Growing in Europe According to EU Report
Kelly O'Connell, IBLS Editor
As the Internet increases in range and wealth of business opportunities, so do criminals up their efforts to develop more sophisticated and effective ways ...
The Wild Hunt for E-evidence in High-Profile Cases
Editor, Maricelle Ruiz, IBLS Director – Europe
Even if you’re really mad…it may not be such a good idea to hack, that is, to illegally access another’s computer. The pursuit of ...
Turkish Supreme Court Held that Banks are sole Responsible for Theft in Electronic Banking
IBLS Contributor: Ali Osman Ozdilek, Esq., Guvener&Can Law Firm,
For the first time, Turkish Supreme Court, 11th Circuit held that banks are sole responsible for theft in electronic banking. In this case Plaintiff ...
Globalizing Secured Transactions Laws
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
New developments in the secured credit laws of major U.S. trading partners such as Japan, China and France, the new UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on ...
May a Customer Claim Damages When an Online Bank Reveals his E-mail Address?
Martha L. Arias, Immigration & Internet Law Attorney; IBLS Editor
Banks are not only offering online services but also creating total-online banking divisions; particularly for investments. Obviously, e-mail is the preferable way of ...
Internet Cash Transfers & Bankruptcy Proceedings
Martha L. Arias, Immigration & Internet Law Attorney; IBLS Editor
Once a company applies for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, a trustee is assigned to handle the company's finances. ...
Make Sure Funds are Available when Doing Online Wire Transfers
Martha L. Arias, Immigration & Internet Law Attorney; IBLS Editor
Online banking made our hectic lives easy; we can transfer money domestically or internationally even using our cellular phones. But, as our parents ...

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From the Digital Library
Taxation And E-commerce In Iran
IBLS Editorial Board - Staff Attorney
E-taxation is a fundamental corollary to e-commerce. Developed industrial countries have invested heavily in e-payment e-banking, e-insurance and e-stock exchange. Nevertheless, without paying attention ...