The Implications Of Persoanl Jurisdiction And The Role Of Web Publishers And Their Implications On International Matters

Differing laws in Britain, France, Australia and the United States in regards to the publication of materials on the Internet has caused web publishers to be concerned with the content and legal liability of posted information. Whether or not personal jurisdiction is available and whether the elements of defamation including slander and libel is met by differing international laws especially with the manner in which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face liability as providers of third party content or information.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How have the United Kingdom courts determined the liability of Internet Service Providers in providing content?
What about French rules regarding publication?
How can businesses avoid civil claims for their online publishing?
What would be the effect of a business facing liability for defamation or another claim in a foreign court and not choosing to attend the judicial proceedings against them?
What are considerations that businesses performing electronic commerce should consider before they engage in international commerce?


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