E-commerce Jurisdiction In The United States

International Shoe and its progeny map the four corners of the subject of jurisdiction in the United States. The question of what court has control over the person or property in dispute is the central focus. Discussion of the presence of the parties within the Forum is common for state and federal courts as they shift disputes from court to court. Inconvenience is the frequent defense for a party who wishes to avoid defending themselves in a “foreign jurisdiction”.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Is there anything that can be done by an e-commerce retailer to limit jurisdiction for their web site?
Will a Terms of Use statement inoculate an e-commerce business person from having to defend themselves in a foreign jurisdiction?
Are there laws other than the Uniform Commercial Code that I should be aware of when offering items on the Internet?
What was the intent of the NCCUSL in promulgating the UCITA?
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