Impact Of E-commerce On Customs And Excise Duties

The way that international trade was conducted in the past, has almost completely changed over to electronic operations. These days most of the logistic delivery chain and payment for goods are done electronically or electronically in addition to correspondence in a form of a document. As such, all communications in connection to commercial transaction and transportation have changed to an environment where they use the standardized messages and electronic data transmissions which are applied to all international operation models. For this reason, the customs administrations should also be able to respond adequately to these changes as they are taking place in their operational environment.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are some of the things that the Community possibly can do with regard to trade and e-commerce?
Does the current customs rules, formalities and systems agree with computerized procedures?
What is the effect of E-Commerce on collection of duties on goods imported from third countries?
What issue does E-commerce raises for customs duties?


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