When Does French Law Apply To An Internet Dispute?

The Internet is a wonderful tool to make a business international. The downside being that this business, once online, might be subject to the laws of different countries. In the world famous Yahoo (May 22, 2000) case, Yahoo! Inc., an American company, was brought into Court in Paris based on the illegality under French law of certain items posted on Yahoo’s auction site. The French Court rendered its decision according to French law and ruled against Yahoo. French Courts might easily assert jurisdiction over an Internet dispute and apply French law. However, the enforcement of a decision rendered in France might not be automatically granted in the country of the defendant.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

When can French Courts assert jurisdiction over an Internet dispute?
When can French Courts apply French law to an Internet dispute?
When will a decision rendered in France be enforced in another country?
What lessons should an online business learn from the above?


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