The Legislation And Regulation Of Offshore E-commerce

In most respect the regulation and legislation affecting e-commerce transactions, and specifically offshore e-commerce transactions, should not be that different from contractual bargains in the physical world, and the existing body of national and international and regulation, since the e-commerce transactions are not that different from those types of transactions. Thus, the existing body of national and international law and regulation should continue to apply. However, the main issues which require new legislation and regulation are related to signatures, security and certification. The other main issue which needs the most legislative attention is questions of the location of contracting parties which is caused by the portability of servers.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the extent of agreements between all countries with respect to e-commerce regulations?
Is the Union law dominant in EU?
What about the US (federal/state) versus the EU (Union) laws?


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