Choosing The Arbitration Tribunal And Enforcing The Arbitration Award

Choosing the right arbitration tribunal is fundamental for those involved in domain name disputes. As Martin Hunter and Alan Redfern said in an edition of the International Commercial Arbitration: "Once a decision to refer a dispute to arbitration has been made, nothing is more important than choosing the right arbitral tribunal. It is a choice which is important not only for the parties to the particular dispute but also for the reputation and standing of the arbitral process itself. It is, above all, the quality of the arbitral tribunal that makes or breaks the process." This article provides basic information about an arbitration panel and the arbitration process.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How does an arbitration proceed in hearing and deciding my dispute?
How do the arbitrators determine the guidelines and rules that they will apply to resolve a dispute?
How can the Arbitration Award be enforced?
How long has arbitration been around and is it a good choice?


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