Forum Non Conveniens Issues After Arbitration Awards

When an individual or corporation registers a domain name, they consent to the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy and mandatory arbitration. The following United States case determined the implications from consenting to this UDNRP policy and the search of forum/jurisdiction for post-arbitration award. The specific question is: can the losing party of an arbitration award search for a court forum for any post-award legal action? May the losing party choose between two country jurisdictions to seek further readdress of its legal claim? How does the forum non conveniens principle apply to these post-award legal proceedings? These questions will be answered in this article by presenting a United States case.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy and what does it Jurisdiction Clause State?
Who are the parties to the case of McNeil v. Stanley Works?
What is the legal background of this case?
What did happen with the California lawsuit filed by McNeil?


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