Decisions By Icann Approved Provider For Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy V. Domestic Courts' Rulings

Participants of domain name disputes find forum in both international arbitration process and their country's domestic courts. Additionally, domain name disputes may involve parties and laws from multiple jurisdictions. This summary offers information on the process followed by a domain name dispute that started by filing a complaint before ICANN and concluded by a federal court decision in the United States. The domain name involved was ',' registered by a US corporation. Thus, the dispute obviously involved United States and Spanish law.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act?
What are ICANN and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy?
Who were the parties and the facts underlying the case?
What did WIPO arbitration board determine?
Why after the WIPO's Panel decision did the Virginia Court hear this case, and how was the case decided?


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