The UK National Staff Dismissal Register

The United Kingdom National Crime Dismissal Register (NCDR), also known as the National Staff Dismissal Register, was developed by the Action Against Business Crime Group (AABC) to retain details regarding individuals who have been dismissed or have left their employment while under investigation for acts of dishonesty towards their employer. This information is shared with other members of the register, who access the database to search for details regarding an applicant. The NCDR is designed to enable employers to reduce recruitment costs and to increase recruitment efficiency.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Can an employee be added to the NCDR database without his or her knowledge?
How will the NCDR ensure that employers do not include the name of a former employee in the database because they bear a grudge?
For how long are the records retained in the NCDR registry?
Can the name of an employee be added to the register based on historic events or allegations?


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