The practice of deeplinking, whereby a company’s Website directs consumers past the home page of another company’s Web site to one of its interior pages, has resulted in closely watched lawsuits from several countries, with unclear results but a general trend toward the legalization of the practice. Deeplinking bypasses the target Website’s advertising, resulting in a potential reduction in revenue to the deeplinked site. Other problems with unauthorized deeplinking include copyright infringement and the additional avoidance of the linked site’s policies, service information, and its own links. There have been lawsuits in Scotland, Denmark, India, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries and the decisions have only muddied the waters, not calmed them.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the International Perspective on Deeplinking?
How Are American courts addressing deeplinking?
How have some commentators analyzed the practice of deeplinking?


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