Taiwan is a large island in Eastern Asia, off the southeastern coast of China, with an area of about 36,000 square miles. It is located in between the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, north of the Philippines. It was formerly called Formosa and has about 23 million residents. On April 1947, the Republic of China (ROC) Government began leading by constitutional rule, having broken away from mainland communist China, with powers distributed in ministries, commissions, and councils under the Executive Yuan. The main body for regulating Internet and telecommunications is the Directorate General of Telecommunications (DGT), a body within the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. In August 1973, the Government Information Office (GIO) became responsible for mass media guidance and regulation. GIO enacted the Regulations for Rating of Internet Content Law on April 26, 2004, described in Press Release 0930622071-A. The entire purpose of the law is to protect underage persons from adult-themed content.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the Taiwan Content Rating Promotion Foundation?
How is the Internet Content Rated?
What are Some of the Most Notable Rules of the Internet Content Law?
What Content is Banned?
What is the Punishment for Breaking the Regulations?


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