In Austria, the registration of the .at domain is administered by, an official Austrian domain registry. The has enacted registration guidelines as well as general terms and conditions for administering the .at domain name. .At domains are registered by applying the terms and conditions set forth in the relevant guidelines. These terms and conditions include provisions related to the process of domain name administration, revocation and cancellation for .at domains. The dispute concerning .at domain name is resolved by an Arbitration office established by This summary presents an overview of how to register a domain name in Austria according to the country rules.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What does IDN mean and what elements must be present in an ,at domain name?
Under what instances may the revoke the registration of an .at domain?
What is a technically locked domain, and when does a domain become re-available for registration following its status of being technically locked?
What is the role of the Arbitration office for .at domains?
What is a wait status and what is its purpose?


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