Currently we are in a war fighting against the violation of human rights. We are fighting for democracy and freedom of all mankind. In a world where the internet is the portal of communication, by limiting our U.S. soldiers access to the internet, are we not in turn violating are own U.S. soldiers human rights? Are we not stifling the freedom and democracy we are supposedly fighting for by limiting our soldiers’ access to certain websites on the Internet? This article will discuss the recent policy enacted by the Department of Defense preventing soldiers from accessing several social networking, video and photo sharing, and other popular websites — including MySpace and YouTube — via the Department’s computers and network.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Why is the Department of Defense limiting U.S. soldiers’ access to video and photo sharing websites, like MySpace and YouTube?
Is this the only solution to the “bandwidth” problem and are any other measures being put in effect to find a better solution?
Is this only policy enacted which has limited U.S. soldiers’ ability to communicate with friends or family?
What impact does this have in respect to international relations and how the rest of the world views the United States?


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