Innocent PC users may have unknowingly contributed to massive attacks by hackers on the root servers of the Internet many times. It is believed that hackers may be using a network of 'zombie' computers, or PCs owned by innocent individuals, that may have been infected with a malicious code by these “cyber creeps.” This allows such intruders to take over our PC’s and completely surrender them under the criminals’ control. Then, criminals use these PCs as “slaves” to send bulks of junk data to major servers in an attempt to overload them and thus make their web sites completely unreachable; lastly, bringing the delivery of e-mail messages to a complete stop. Thus, innocent users are unwittingly becoming players in the game of cyber crimes. This article illustrates on how ‘Zombie’ drones may infect computers, how this type of cyber crime is defined, what are ‘Zombie Networks,’ and what preventive measures may be taken to avoid being victim of this cyber crime.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How do Zombie drones infect our computers?
What does the term “Zombie” mean?
What are Zombie networks?
What steps can one take to prevent his computer from becoming a zombie?


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