Ever since 1998, Federal law and state laws in almost all of the states in United States have enacted explicit criminal legislation related to identity theft, which can be applied to phishing as well. The Federal authorities can also use a range of Federal fraud offenses like wire fraud to tackle the sending of phishing e-mails and the use of illusory mail headers. Since phishing is a type of identity theft that differs greatly from other, physically-based identity theft techniques, both the government and the private sector must make sure that citizens obtain updated information about the latest phishing techniques and know how to recognize them. Phishers or identity thieves have located several ways to perpetrate their crimes without using e-mail or Web sites.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are the consequences of identity theft phishing?
Under what circumstances are criminals penalized under the United States Code for Internet fraud?
What are the various new laws passed in the states of United States for phishing?


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