Players’ protection is the primary concern of Danish gaming law. To accomplish players’ protection, Denmark seeks to establish a Government licensing monopoly in lottery and betting and enact strict rules for casino gambling. An example of Denmark’s Government intervention in the gambling market is the strict control and regulation on casinos. Denmark controls casino gambling by legally restricting the number of operators in the Danish casino market. The new field of Internet gambling, which has raised much regulatory concern worldwide, is yet to be handled by specific Danish law. Notwithstanding, Internet gambling is not beyond the reach of current Danish law, as it is included by explanatory to Article 10 of The Games, Lotteries and Betting Act. This article informs readers on those Danish laws concerning lotteries, betting, and other forms of gambling and explores the issue of whether Internet gambling is legal under Danish laws.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What provisions are there in Danish law concerning lotteries and betting?
To what extent is Internet gambling legal in Denmark?
What provisions in Danish law govern other forms of gambling?


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