Liberalization of the Telecommunication Sector and Growth of E-Commerce in Singapore

Liberalization of telecommunication businesses in Singapore gave telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISPs) and application service providers (ASPs) the impetus to look for cost-effective communication system solutions to offer value-added services to their subscribers. In addition, the introduction of competition into the Internet and telecom market in Singapore resulted in lower costs for both businesses and consumers. The Singapore telecom market is, for the most part, deregulated and the Singaporean government raised the foreign equity limitations on telecommunications infrastructure.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How does the expansion of the Singapore telecommunication infrastructure aid in the growth of e-commerce businesses?
What does the United States- Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) state in regard to the telecom service market in Singapore?
What was the impact of liberalization to Singapore telecommunication industry?
Has Singapore has achieved global recognition in the telecommunication sector?


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