Anti-trust Issues in The United States

Every country has different standards to encourage anti-competitive business practices. American antitrust law has long held that the quest for monopoly is legal, as long as it is achieved through skill, foresight and industry, and does not involve prohibited business practices. In other words, conduct that would not be illegal if done by a company in a competitive market may be illegal if done by a monopolist. While merely possessing monopoly power is not illegal, a monopolist cannot obtain or maintain such power by means other than competition on the merits.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are the difficulties faced by courts concerning high-technology markets in United States?
What are the powers of a monopolist under the anti-trust laws of the U.S.?
What does the Sherman Antitrust Act state?
What do you mean by Original Equipment Manufacturer?
What are the anti-trust issues between Microsoft and the United States?


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