Shaw v. Hyatt: A Practical Application of the Consumer Fraud Act

The Plaintiff, Shaw, sued the Defendant, Hyatt International Corporation, under the Consumer Fraud Act and for unjust enrichment claiming that the Plaintiff booked a stay at a Russian hotel using the Defendant’s Website, and that he was overcharged for the stay. The District Court concluded that there was no nexus with Illinois, and that there was no basis for the application of the Consumer Fraud Act, as hereinafter defined. Further, due to existence of an express contract between the parties, the Plaintiff’s claim for unjust enrichment was not justified. The Seventh Circuit affirmed giving reasons.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Who are the parties in this case?
What is the factual background of the case?
What are the issues at bar in this case?
What did the court hold in this case?


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