United Kingdom In The Process Of Legalizing Online Gambling

On November 2006, the British government informed it engaged in a movement seeking international support for the legalization and regulation of online gambling. Britain's initiative to take the lead in legalizing and regulating online gambling, however, was motivated by a government desire to protect consumers, rather than to entice operators. This search for international consensus also came at a time when the Untied Kingdom is about to implement its rules for the online gambling industry in this country. This article addresses the issue of online gambling in the United Kingdom (“UK”), its treatment and proposed legal framework to take force on September 2007.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Is it legal to operate online gambling from the UK?
What are some of the disadvantages and benefits of online gambling in the UK?
What steps have been taken by the UK to legalize online gambling?
How does the Gambling Act of 2005 give licensing authorities the power to issue licenses for casinos?
How does the Gambling Act of 2005 regulate the creation of new casinos?


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