Tax Avoidance Made Easy In Tax Heavens Through E-commerce

There is an old saying—“With the birth of every hero, a new evil is born.” In the context of E-commerce, a new evil is the advent of the tax haven, which is proving to be an evil force in the form of tax avoidance. This corrupt technique hampers the revenue systems of modern states and undermines its ability to provide the facilities and services to its citizens. Techniques of fund depletion are deployed as sophisticated tools and various financial schemes, taking advantage of liberal privacy laws in various tax havens. This summary presents the most common tax avoidance strategies and how businesses are repatriating offshore e-commerce funds.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are abusive tax schemes?
What are the methods used for Tax avoidance in a tax haven?
What is repatriation of funds and what are the methods of doing it?
What services are offered by the promoters of these schemes?


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