E-Commerce Taxation in Vietnam

According to worldwide professionals, Vietnam does not yet have an e-commerce economy. As such, although the existing method of tax collection is incapable of avoiding inaccuracies and errors, the taxation sector does not have enough at stake to warrant overhauling the tax collection system. The Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated decree 57/2006 on e-commerce, officially bringing the law on electronic transactions to life. The decree states that electronic documents have the same legal validity as written documents if the information contained in the document is accessible and usable when necessary. The decree also recognizes the legal validity of electronic signatures.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the scope of Circular 117 of the Ministry of Finance in Vietnam?
How does Circular 117 have the potential to affect taxation of e-commerce?
What recommendations were drawn by the Asia Europe Business Forum (AEBF) with regard to the taxation of e-commerce?


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