Google: Beware Of Unethical Search Engine Optimizers

Google has guidelines in place to keep companies from falling victims of rogue search engine optimizers. SEOs are consultants that work with companies to improve their search engine rankings. The higher your listing is the more traffic your site will likely receive. Google warns companies to stay away from SEOs that send spam; fail to explain clearly their services and guarantee high rankings. Companies should also stay away from SEOs offering to use shadow domains and doorway pages. These domains mislead users and these pages do not ultimately increase traffic. Other practices to shun are using key words in the address bar because their use requires special software rarely downloaded by viewers; ranking through the use of long, convoluted phrases and getting traffic through false methods. Companies should avoid doing business with SEOs that are not listed or have had domains removed from Google; as well as those that use multiple aliases and falsify domain information. If all else fails, Google advocates reporting rogues to law enforcement authorities and consumer protection agencies.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are search engine optimizers?
What does Google recommend?
What are other questionable SEO practices?
How do companies avoid becoming the victims of these practices?


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