Emerging Trends Of Search Engine Technology

Both the nature and scope of information on the Internet are evolving quickly. Future search services will no longer be restricted to conventional computing platforms. Engineers have already integrated automotive mobile data communications, known as telematics, and they will likely embed search capabilities into entertainment equipment such as game stations, televisions and high-end stereo systems. Also, with cameras becoming an integral part of mobile phones, Internet service providers are looking for new technologies in search engines to promote the use of photo images. Thus, search engine activity has become a primary activity on the World Wide Web, where billions of documents are distilled down to approximately twenty to thirty links, depending upon the nature and type of search query.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How will data available in the web, and the way users interact with it, vary?
What are the five most important developments in recent times?
Why are search engines important?
What does “Atom” stand for?


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