Page Jackers

Copyright disclaimers on the Internet are usually ignored by both innocent users and intentional page-jackers. Intentional Page jackers, or simply, page jackers, are individuals engage in creating or developing new websites by copying from others. They concretely copy pages from popular and legitimate websites and later post them to their intended sites. Due to the fact that the jacked pages are identical to the originals, search engines direct unwitting users to the fake sites. This involuntary (or voluntary in certain cases) re-direction to fake WebPages by search Engine Companies may carry legal consequences for search engines. There are two motivations for page jacking; First, additional themed content can increase a site’s overall ranking and result in increased site traffic. Second, these hijacked sites lead search engines to the stolen pages, which can thus earn money through increased product sales.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is page jacking?
How is page jacking detected?
How can internet users deal with this problem?
What are the effects of page jacking?
Is page jacking legal?


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