More User Profiling Will Lead To Increasingly Personalized Search

User profiling will lead to increasingly personalized search, according to European Commission official and Yale academic Boris Rotenberg. This, he says, will benefit advertisers which will access directly their target markets. It will also benefit users who will receive increasingly relevant results. However, Rotenberg says, personalized search will also limit the diversity of results users receive, possibly limiting their worldview. The degree of search engine user and group profiling will be determined by the level of enforcement of privacy and data protection laws, Rotenberg points out. Rotenberg also predicts a competitive market including multi-media search engines; standardization to enable search across numerous networks and environments; the ability to deep search or view documents inaccessible to conventional search programs; and the further development of mobile-device search. Personalized search, he adds, will lead to the development of intelligent systems that will learn from users and adapt at query time.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How will search engines operate? What will be the impact on advertisers and users?
What other developments will take place in the world of search?
How will search engines profile users? What about privacy and data protection regulation?


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