Google Markets Book Search To Uneasy European Editors

Goggle has embarked in an international public relations campaign to sell Google Book Search in Europe. The program, which allows search engine users to locate the full text of books and identify where to buy or borrow these publications, has triggered alarms throughout the continent, where editors and publishers are worried the digitization of books would pose flagrant copyright violations and a decrease in sales, while politicians and private investors rush to build a search engine and digital library to keep these processes in-house. Google, meanwhile, is trying to convince the European editors that the search program does not violate copyright because it only showcases books with the permission of authors and publishers, and that it is an excellent marketing tool because books remain accessible through the program longer than in print form.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How does Google Book Search work? What about the protection of intellectual property rights?
What has been the European reaction to Goggle Book Search?


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