Europe Roots Out Cyberstalking

As Internet users increase in Europe, the prevalence of cyberstalking is escalating as well. Law enforcement and company executives are taking no chances and are already combating the practice of using the Internet to harass individuals or entities through diverse laws and practices. In the United Kingdom, data protection policies are used to request cyberstalker information from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and malicious communications and protection from harassment acts are used to put these cybercriminals in prison. In France and Belgium authorities have relied on anti-defamation regulations to settle cases involving individuals who have attacked or posted compromising pictures of others in websites. In Spain, a search engine eliminated the use of a brand name as a search term for an unrelated pornographic site after receiving written notification from the owner of the brand. Companies doing business online in Europe already warn customers about using their services to stalk others and take immediate measures to fight cyberstalking and avoid legal responsibility.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Where is cyberstalking taking place in Europe?
What are European countries and companies doing to prevent cyberstalking?


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