The Eu Tightens Its Data Protection Policies

The European Commission is strengthening its data protection policies. The move comes after a German citizen filed a complaint before European Union authorities, claiming that German law allowed its public officials to engage in actions which violated the EU’s Data Protection Directive. Without consent, the German citizen explained, Hamburg authorities released personal information to companies, which in turn used this data for direct marketing purposes. After exchanging a series of opinions on the matter with the European Ombudsman and the European Data Protection Supervisor, the Commission has agreed to review its Data Protection Directive, allowing a wider control over the dissemination of data for direct marketing purposes as many of its Member States are already doing. German citizens will also be able to object to data requests made by companies through the Internet.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What was the Commission’s initial response?
What did the Ombudsman do?


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