Smart Card: The Council Of The European Union Dictates The First Rules

Smart Cards may be found everywhere today. From automated parking lots and Laundromats to tourism and health care. They can hold vast amounts of information that may be accessed and used by those offering services.

In addition, these cards have the unique ability to interact with computer systems ensuring that information regarding the services that are offered by both the private and public sector are updated easily.

Notwithstanding the numerous possibilities to promote and better services, Smart Cards raise the risks of misuse and abuse of individual’s personal information that is held on the card, including their habits and preferences which may lead to profiling.

Both the Italian government and the European Union have stepped in to set out guidelines and rules concerning the use of Smart Cards.

Only in cases of extreme necessity like national security and law enforcement, would deviation from these rules be upheld.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the National Service Card?
What are the fundamental points of these guidelines?
Are these guidelines enforceable?


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