BRAZIL’S NATIONAL PLAN TO FIGHT PIRACY AND ILLEGALITY: Brazilian Government aims at counterfeiting activities – Internet included

Brazil’s piracy indices are so high that they triggered the United States request for stronger measures to fight this illicit activity. McKinsey study shows that unregulated trade in Brazil accounts for 40% of the national income and is a factor that facilitates the growth of piracy and illegality. 9.5% of the world’s musical piracy is produced in Brazil and clothing brand piracy in Brazil generates about R$ 3 billions per year. These two facts well illustrate the magnitude of the piracy problem in this country. Following there is a succinct explanation of the Brazilian National Plan to fight piracy and the agency involved in implementing it.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What are the objectives of this plan against piracy at the Executive Federal level?
How is this National Plan going to be developed by the states?
Are the Municipalities involved in this National Plan against piracy as well?
What is the Federal Judiciary and Legislative involvement in this National Plan?
What modifications to the current law is this National Plan against piracy proposing?


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