How The Child-sex Crime Wiretap Bill Became The Protect Act

Two years ago, the House passed legislation that gave law enforcement the ability to eavesdrop on the telephone conversations of suspected child-sex predators. The bill for the Child Sex Crimes Wiretapping Act of 2002 (HR 1877), which was proposed to deal with potential child molesters who try to lure children in Internet chat rooms, was never taken up in the Senate. Congresswoman Nancy Johnson reintroduced this bill with more success this second time.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What was the Purpose of the Child Sex Crimes Wiretapping Bill?
What is the Basis for this Legislation?
What was the Existing Law Prior to the Enactment of the PROTECT Act?
What are Recent Events that have Further Demonstrated the Need for the Introduction of this Bill?
Were there any Opponents to this Bill?


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