File Sharing And Privacy In Italy

File sharing, or P2P, allows individuals to exchange files and software free of charge over the Internet. P2P activities have grown exponentially especially with the advent of high speed Internet and greater access to computers. Users rarely consider the privacy implications however of logging onto a peer-to-peer network to swap music, films and software with others. File swapping may leave one’s computer open to hackers, viruses or other harmful elements. The effects of these are obvious. When P2P activities are carried on at the workplace, though, they can be even more dangerous. Lost data, service interruption, unauthorized access to the system can mean economic losses for businesses. It is as such important that the rules and requirements of the Privacy Code be implemented in businesses in order to safeguard their information patrimony.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What has been the reaction to file sharing?
What are the privacy implications of file sharing?
How does the Privacy Code ensure privacy rights?


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