Sponsored Links and the Brazilian Advertising Regulation

A 2007-Brazilian report emitted by Jupiter Research stated that advertisement through search engines continue to grow more quickly than any another online marketing modality. Global online advertisement through search engines is expected to reach total revenue of 5.5 billion dollar by the year 2009. Other interesting example is the Hitwise survey; Hitwise is a company specialized in measuring Internet traffic. The Hitwise survey showed the considerable increase of Internet visitors during the 2008 Olympic Games, as the table below shows, Increases to Olympics-related Sites, U.S., Aug. 7 to Aug. 14. Site URL Week-over-week Increase, Olympics.com olympics.com 4,374%; Sports Illustrated ympicssportsillustrated.cnn.com/Olympics 3,536%; NBC Olympics nbcolympics.com 2,567%; Athens 2004 athens2004.com 2,007%; Sportsline Olympics sportsline.com/Olympics 312%. These numbers demonstrate that there is an immense potential when aiming to Internet users who use search engines. Visibility has its price in the Internet for those advertising products and services.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Do Brazilian Online advertising companies have self-regulated rules for online marketing?
What are the main principles established by the Brazilian Online Advertising Code of Ethics?
What are the Code of Ethics Rules regarding responsibility to consumers?
What are the most common Internet announcement violations?


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