Procedure To Register A Trademark In Colombia

In the cyberspace world, trademarks are closely related to domain names. Most companies seek to register their trademarks as domain names so their clients easily remember and access their websites. Indeed those who love other’s property, are eager to register well-known trademarks as domain names so they can later sell it to the trademark owner. E-commerce businesses, even those in their initial stage, should start the simple process of registering their trademarks in foreign countries. Having a registered trademark certificate from a foreign country might prove valuable in any domain name litigation or arbitration process. Registering a trademark in a foreign country is a straightforward and inexpensive process available for small and large businesses, and individuals. Following is a brief explanation of the trademarks and commercial slogans protected by the Colombian law, and the procedure to register them.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What type of trademarks and commercial slogans can be registered in Colombia?
What are the documents needed to register a trademark or a commercial slogan in Colombia?
What is the procedure to register a trademark or a commercial slogan in Colombia?


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