Protection To Foreign Copyrighted Works Under The Colombian Legislation

Law 23 of 1982 constitutes the legal framework of copyright laws in Colombia. Chapter IV, section one, contains the applicable rules to the protection of foreign copyrighted works under the Colombian legislation. Law 23 of 1982 is still good law in most of its original principles, particularly regarding protection to foreign copyrighted works. Law 44 of 1993 and law 603 of 2000 have supplemented Law 23/82. This is one of the most researched sections in copyright laws from different jurisdictions, since it deals with sensible rules that may affect the commercial relations between nations. Following is a brief description of the Colombian protection to foreign copyrighted works.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

Besides the three basic requirements mentioned above, what else needs to be proved to obtain a license to translate foreign works?
What are the rights conferred and the limitations imposed by the license?
When a license may be annulled?
When does the license expire?
May radio companies obtain license to translate foreign copyrighted works?


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