General Rules Of Colombian Copyright Law 23 Of 1982

Different approaches to copyrights laws conferred by diverse jurisdictions may proof wise when an e-business is selecting its choice of law forum. Intellectual property laws, concretely copyright laws, contain relevant rules for e-commerce businesses, no matter what their business activity is. For instance, an e-business may have copyrights over its website design, pictures, content materials, etc. Following is a brief description of the works able to be copyrighted in Colombia, the rights acquired by the author of a copyrighted material, including ‘moral rights,’ rules applicable to independent works based on copyrighted materials, the reserve principle applicable to certain business names, and the citizenship of the authors covered by this law.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What types of works do the Colombian copyright laws protect?
What are the rights conferred to the author of a copyrighted work?
How does Law 23/82 protect independent works that are created based on copyrighted works?
What are the rules applicable to the ‘reserve’ of certain business names?
Does the law protect works created or produced by others than Colombian citizens?


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