E-commerce Projects In Brazil With Focus On Small And Middle Size Business Including Exports

The Brazilian E-commerce Executive Committee (Comite Executivo de Comercio Electronico) (CECE) has approved four important e-commerce projects that will impact the e-commerce expansion in Brazil. The four projects aim to place Brazil up to the level of the most advanced e-commerce countries in the world. In enacting the projects, CECE paid special emphasis on the development of small and middle size business, and the export sector of Brazil. Following is a brief explanation of each project’s objective. CECE is a government body, ascribed to the Industrial Technology Secretariat, whose mission is to accelerate the development of e-commerce in Brazil. CECE acts as intermediary between the private and public sector on e-commerce matters. They represent the Brazilian Industry Confederation (CNI), the Commerce and Transportation Confederation (CNT), the Bank Federations (FEBRABAN), the Software Association (ABES and ASSESPRO), and the Association of Internet Service Providers (ABRANET).

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

What is the objective of the ‘Rede Brazil’ Project?
What is the objective of the second e-commerce project approved by CECE?
What is the objective of the project called ‘Portal de Exportation of Cultural Assets’?
What is the objective of the project called “Hub of Transportation”?


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