Facilitation Of Electronic Commerce: Legal Treatment Of Digital Signature In Argentina.

Chronology of the Digital Signature Law N ° 25.506 In December 2001, at a very special moment of political and economic movement, while the financial system was virtually collapsing and the controversial international 'default' was just to be declared, Argentina enacted the Digital Signature Law N 25.506. This law was 'a significant advance for the insertion of Argentina in the information society and the digital economy, that gives the opportunity for the development of productive sectors that are closed to the new technologies'. Beyond the causes that motivated the enactment of the law in such a circumstances, the so meant globalization and the reality of a universal phenomenon (as in previous times challenged the evolution of the 'lex mercatoria') imposed the necessity of juridical tools for the new commercial traffic requirements. Providing speed and safety to e-transactions that would in turn promote a global market was another main reason for the enactment of this law.

The following questions have been addressed in this article:

How could the Argentinean Digital Law be compared to the UNCITRAL Model Laws?
What are the positive aspects of the Argentinean Digital Law?


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